Shazia - Joel

Eventually when my eldest sister's began school and I was left trying to while away the hours before they returned home. Most of that time was spent sat underneath my mother's sewing machine table catching the thread and silk cuttings that came floating down from above. My mum would narrate a story from her imagination and I would listen. Sometimes when she was really busy she would send me across the road to a neighbour’s house to play with the two boys that lived there. They never played fair and would collude in teasing me until I cried and slunk off home. Joel was the youngest of the two and in my opinion was the unkindest, but I have long held the belief he did actually care for my friendship and it was through chance we became lifelong friends. The spectacles are a kindly reminder of that little childhood cover up!

Giclee On Paper
Image - 14" x 14"

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